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Harmoni Standing Desk
André Saraiva
Awesome Product

Awesome product, add just a problem with customs that had to pay more 40 euros to release it

Harmoni Standing Desk
Leslie George
Harmoni Standing Desk

Great service and standing desk, I love that it folds into carry bag.

Even better than expected

Easy to put together and away, easy to swap between standing and seated, feels solid, and looks good too.

Awesome desk.

This desk does what it says on the tin. Spacious enough and sturdy enough to hold what you need. Easy to adjust and move around. Better posture, burn calories and better life.

Harmoni Bundle


Very happy!

Beautiful standing desk delivered extremely quickly and well packaged - thank you.

Solid and sleek looking

Arrived on time, easy to assemble. More solid than I expected so it really doesn't have any wobble when you're working. Looks great too. Really looking forward to using it more.

Standing room only

Simple and efficient ordering and delivery process. The desk is well engineered, easy to put together and great to use. Had to totally rearrange my desk setup but now I have the ideal with my laptop. keyboard, mouse and notebook on the Harmoni desk and a monitor by the side.


a standing desk that isn't ridiculously heavy or unweildy, so easy to construct, love it

Harmoni Standing Desk
Krisztian Ferenczi
It is heavy, but that is why it is stable

Simple and useful, I love it.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Robert Powell
Superb Design & Quality quickly delivered.

My standing desk stand is really good - easy to assemble and a joy to use.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Gloucestershire resident
Beautiful and useful

My standing desk looks good and works very well - I use it every day and my back is much better as a result. Less sitting slumped over my keyboard, less back pain and more energy to get things done. So glad I bought this!

Harmoni Bundle
Shak Jones
Great Product

I bought this desk as I’ve spent much of the past few years sitting down. I needed to loose weight, and this product is the best by far! I’ve had the desk for a few weeks now. My legs, hips and lower back are no longer aching as much. It was difficult to get used to standing on my feet for the majority of the day but now it’s a lot easier. I haven’t lost any weight yet but I’m moving more often. It goes into its bag with ease and I can use it at home and work. I wouldn’t carry it for long periods but I’m not as strong as I used to be. It goes into and come out of the car pretty easy too.

For a step in the direction of health I definitely feel like I’ve made a huge investment in my long term health, mentally and physically. I’m also more productive which is a win for my employer too.


I love how the desk looks and how it performs. The levels are perfect for a standing, then adjusting down to a seated position. It's so simple to assemble too. I highly recommend!

Just what I needed - Happy with purchase

Lighter than the solid wood alternatives, very portable and worth getting the bag for carriage, does not take up to much space on the desk. Would not be able to put monitor on the top shelf but takes 15" laptop which I use as a screen. Plywood dents easily but not fussed about that. Very quick delivery. Happy with purchase. Needed VAT receipt - they responded very quickly. Great service, no fuss.


So quick and easy to set up and can be put away after work. So much better than a desk that is bulky and motorised

Harmoni Bundle
Sruthi Sarma

Very aesthetically pleasing, easy to install and transport standing desk. Would thoroughly recommend!

Harmoni Zoe
Joanne Ketteman
Loving my harmoni desk!

I’ve had my desk about 2 weeks now and I am really loving learning to work in a different way. It’s a great design, looks aesthetically pleasing and I love how I can using standing for a zoom call and then sit for the next!

Easy standing desk option

Great price, easy to assemble and gives me a huge amount of flexibility in my office. Exactly what I was looking for. Would love bigger top shelf for two monitors, but otherwise perfect.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Nicola Irvine
Excellent product

Exactly what I wanted. Sturdy and aesthetically pleasing considering the size and nature of it. Plenty of room on the large shelf for a keyboard and track pad plus space for cuppa on the side without worry about spillage.


I was always a bit sceptical about using a standing desk but the fact that this one looks so stylish makes me want to use it ! I work half my week from an office/ desk set up, the other half is at my dining room table using the Harmoni standing desk and I definitely feel better than I did before, hunched over my laptop on a dining room chair. My neck, shoulder and back don't ache as much as they did before.

Once put together, it is a bit bigger than i expected, but it is so simple to put up and put away, it doesnt bother me too much. It is also so light! Last time I put it together it took less than 1 minute...and the kids love it being put together!

I would definitely recommend this product.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Rachel Waters
Harmoni standing desk

I am enjoying using my new desk and I already have less neck and back pain. It is good quality, sturdy and solid but not too heavy and very easy to put together.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Tabitha Harman Potts
Very good product

I have been working on a laptop and my posture has suffered. The standing desk is easy to set up and looks elegant. I can’t use it all day but I use it for a couple of hours and it is helping.

Brilliant desk

Easy to assemble, looks great and really comfortable to use. Very happy.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Connie Chatwin
Standing is the new sitting!

I am beyond happy with my new standing desk from Harmoni!

It arrived within a couple of days of ordering. I went for the Standard Birch which is the cheapest option and it's still really lovely quality with excellent finish. I thought the wood looked quite light in colour on the picture online but it's slightly darker in person and looks great. I was worried it would wobble when I was using it but it hardly does and feels really secure! It takes seconds to assemble and the same to pack away and tucks nice and flatly on the wall by my desk - although I've actually been leaving it out as it looks good and I've been using it constantly to help write my final dissertation for my masters degree!! I sometimes have lower back problems from sitting too long and have also had dodgy knees for a while and standing to work really seems to have helped, as well as improving my upper body posture. It has also massively helped with productivity!!

I wanted to make special mention of the great customer service too; I also ordered the cork desk mat which unfortunately arrived split right down the middle. I sent details of the damage with pictures to customer services and they refunded me within days, no questions asked.

I don't normally write reviews but felt really strongly about this one; totally worth the money and great customer service!

:) xx

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