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Yoga Penyona Collection

Yoga Penyona Collection

Indulge in stress-free workouts with Harmoni Living’s selection of yoga essentials. Made out of cork, Harmoni Yoga musts dry quickly which keeps them from absorbing sweat and growing bacteria. This makes them anti-slip, too, perfect for the sweatiest yoga sessions! For warmups and post-workout routines, improve circulation and roll out sore spots with rollers, the duoball, and the fascia ball. Handmade and ethically produced in Portugal, the Harmoni Yoga Collection is definitely built to last.

Our flagship product- our Standing Desk- is the centerpiece of Harmoni. It’s a product of our imagination: a workspace where one feels at peace and stress-free. Since then, we’ve come across many success stories from our customers and it inspired us to do even more; creating products that all complement health, wellness, and sustainability.

We worked together to transform your workspace further, turning it into a zen space with work-from-home accessories, our balancing boards, essential oils, and our yoga collection. 

Welcome to Living in Harmoni— the fusion of aesthetics and purpose. We find our place in stylish, functional interiors that provide luxury without breaking the bank.

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Living in harmoni

Boost your productivity, stay healthy, and get active. Harmoni Living is a better way of doing what you do, all without the stress.

“Whoever said standing desks look ugly and take up lots of space forgot to tell the makers of Harmoni... it resembles a cool piece of furniture rather than a clunky piece of office wear.”

"We love Harmoni. It’s not only healthy to stand up and increases productivity but also all materials are from sustainable sources."

'You could have the best chair in the world but still you are not moving for hours. Standing up brings movement, you’ll feel better and are instantly feel better."


Made for personal health and well-being

Sourced and made with the planet in mind

Harmoni Living is the fusion of aesthetic and purpose

Trusted by dozens of corporate teams, loved by many

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