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Why is Cork Yoga Equipment So Special?

Why is Cork Yoga Equipment So Special?

More than being a physical activity, yoga is an exercise for the mind; largely rooted in breathing techniques. Unfortunately, conventional yoga essentials are created with raw materials that contain harmful chemicals like polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane, rubber, and latex. These materials don’t make deep breathing any pleasant, either. Luckily, cork is a superb alternative: 



guy doing yoga on a cork mat

It’s stain and water-resistant. 

A sweaty yoga session is no longer an issue with cork-made yoga essentials! Cork’s stain and water resistant nature makes it non-slip, too. Compared to any other material used for yoga equipment, cork-based ones have the best grip. What’s mind-blowing is that its grip gets even better as it gets more moisture! Now you can hold out that plank position for much, much longer! This cuts down time spent keeping your yoga stuff clean as well. 

Cork is lightweight. 

Most of the volume of cork is air! In fact, it’s 5 times lighter than water! With cork yoga essentials, going to yoga classes or doing outdoor yoga practically requires zero effort.    



girl on yoga block

It’s really comfortable. 

Cork provides perfect cushioning for any level of yoga exercise for your feet and joints. It’s shock-absorbing, breathable, and flexible!

It insulates. 

The composition of cork makes it a great insulator of heat. Because of its air-filled structure, it’s able to block most heat, keeping you cool during the most intense yoga workouts! 

It’s natural antimicrobial. 

Traditional yoga mats are prone to germs and bacteria and it gets worse the longer you use them. Corks, on the other hand, are naturally self-cleaning. Cork dries really quickly, leaving little to no room for germs/bacteria to grow, no matter how often you do yoga!

It’s ecological and eco-friendly. 

Cork forests are one of the most biodiverse forest habitats in the world. Unlike plastic-based raw materials, the sourcing of cork does not harm trees in any way because they’re harvested only from the bark of an oak tree. Even better, harvested cork oak trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air 5 times more compared to any other! They’re easily recyclable and completely biodegradable too, all without producing toxic residues. Overall, cork is one of the most sustainable raw materials out there. 

Harmoni’s Yoga Collection

harmoni yoga collection

Handmade and ethically produced by expert craftsmen in Portugal, Harmoni’s full range of yoga essentials are all sustainably sourced and made from cork. We’ve enhanced their functionality while significantly decreasing our carbon footprint to make sure they’re as durable and sustainable as they can be!

With minimalist-designed Harmoni yoga equipment- balancing boards, cork ball, duoball, cork rollers, yoga strap- you get the whole package. You stay healthy, get fit, relieve body pain, alleviate stress, and protect the planet all at the same time. 


To Conclude

All in all, when it comes to yoga equipment, cork ones are a definite win-win;  no more harsh chemical smell and no more slipping! They’re incredibly safe for you and safe for the planet! If you’ve been looking to upgrade your yoga collection, this is your sign. 

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