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Top 5 Coworking Spaces in London

Top 5 Coworking Spaces in London

When the workspace is an inviting one, the work gets done. If you’re struggling to find the perfect space to check things off your to-do list, here are the top 5 coworking spaces in London that you would love!


1. Work.Life in Camden

Whether it’s a creative, energetic atmosphere you’re looking for or a quiet corner for your Zoom meetings, Work.Life in Camden will certainly meet your needs. In the bustling coworking space you’ll be surrounded by spacious work desks, meeting rooms, fully-stocked kitchens, and private phone booths. For much-needed winding time, you will also find breakout rooms and get access to yoga classes, social events, free breakfasts, and Beer & Pizza nights. Book a tour here.


Source: Work.Life LinkedIn Page

2. The Clubhouse in Mayfair

Located in Central London, The Clubhouse sits between Green Park, Bond Street, and Oxford Street. It’s a modern, innovative, open space that’s ideal for important business meetings. Aside from flexible working spaces, hot desks, and virtual offices, it houses the award-winning Greenhouse which won London’s Best Meeting Room. Find out more here.


Source: The Clubhouse London

3. 2 Eastbourne Terrace in Paddington

If your thoughts and ideas thrive in a laid-back, relaxing work setup, then 2 Eastbourne Terrace is the place to be. The building is filled with balconies, roof tops, alfresco areas, event spaces, and wellness areas. If you’re feeling like bringing your furry friend to your work day, 2 Eastbourne Terrace is dog-friendly, too! Schedule a tour here.

Source: We Work Pinterest Page

4. Plexal at Here East Stratford

Built to stimulate a friendly, collaborative environment, Plexal offers hot desks, office spaces that are customisable, and even access to its network of 800+ startups, scaleups, large corporations, charities & social enterprises that are looking to find innovative ways to address their challenges within the cooperative space. Get in touch with Plexal here.

Source: We Work website

5. Kings Place in North London

Kings Place is a hub of private office spaces, hot desks, conference rooms, event centres, a concert hall, bars, and dining areas. It’s a contemporary building guaranteed to inspire productivity. Bonus: Kings Place has coffee on tap to fuel your brainstorming sessions!




As workforces grow and the need for environments that foster a healthy combination of work and play increase, coworking spaces have truly adapted and continue to flourish.

Do you know of any other working space in London that didn’t make the list? We’d love to hear from you!

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