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The Best Coffee Shops to Work From in London

The Best Coffee Shops to Work From in London

The ambiance of a workspace does wonders on our productivity, mood, and even our physical health. For those who don’t work in an office, the freedom to choose a workspace where one can get all tasks done is both a blessing and a curse. It can be a challenge finding a space that’s the total package: comfortable, non-disruptive, and has a good wifi connection. For some, it also means a place that serves great coffee! If you find the atmosphere of a coffee shop inviting, here are ones you should definitely check out: 

Sodeberg Soho Selection of Pastries

Image Source: Soderberg Soho on Facebook

Soderberg Soho (36 Berwick St.)

There’s something about being surrounded with aesthetically pleasing interiors that speak comfort. If you’re a huge fan of laid back, Scandinavian style furniture, you’d love Soderberg in Soho! They have an indie playlist to accompany their comfort food menu, plus several charging spots to accomodate a long stay!



Electric Coffee Company Exterior

Image Source:

Electric Coffee Company (40 Haven Green)

If an exceptional quality coffee is at the top of your list, you should definitely head to Electric Coffee Company. A trendy interior, a breezy weather, and a quiet setting completes its work-apt space. 



Caravan’s King Cross

Image Source: Pinterest

Caravan’s King Cross (Granary Building)

If you love to work at coffee shops but feel uneasy about taking up table space for incoming customers, you’d find solace in the coworking-style setup of Caravan’s King Cross. It has an all-day restaurant perfect for busy and long-working hours, too!



The Wren Coffee

Image Source: Foodetective

The Wren Coffee (St. Nicholas Cole Abbey)

If you’re always on the lookout for Instagrammable spots, you’d love it in The Wren Coffee. With high glass ceilings and stained windows that complement its natural lighting, it’s definitely a cafe that’s out of the ordinary. There’s plenty of tables inside and al fresco for you to get work done and enjoy their selection of gourmet coffee and artisan goodies. 



St Paul Islington Interior

Image Source: St Paul Islington’s Instagram

St. Paul (St. Paul’s Road)

St. Paul is the epitome of ‘home away from home'. It has a cozy atmosphere and an all-day menu. And it’s not just their food that makes it an ideal working spot, they have a range of wines and craft beer to cap your work day, too!



Lighthaus Interior

Image Source:

Lighthaus (11 Argall Ave)

Nestled in Walthamstow, Lighthaus is reminiscent of its namesake— airy, serene, and with lots of greenery. If you’re looking for a cafe with an industrial, local feel, Lighthaus might just become your favorite. 



Caya Interior

Image Source: Tripadvisor

Caya (344 Coldharbour Ln)

Caya is practically built for digital nomads; offering a quiet coworking space, charging outlets, comfortable furniture, and access to fast internet. They offer unlimited coffee and tea, too!



No. 42 Coffee Junction Exterior

Image Source: One Shot One Ride

No 42 Coffee Junction (Provost Street)

If you always find your go-to coffee shop in Hoxton crowded with people, you can’t go wrong with No 42 Coffee Junction. It’s spacious, quiet, and even features a meeting space outdoors!



The CoffeeWorks Project Interior

Image Source: The CoffeeWorks Project On Twitter

The CoffeeWorks Project (96-98 Islington High Street)

The CoffeeWorks Project is a popular choice for locals and digital workers. The coffee shop is roomy, has huge sofa sets, several power outlets, and a garden to unwind. They also have a great selection of coffee, pastries, and vegan snacks!

To Conclude

London is just filled with coffee shops that non-traditional remote workers will love. Whether you just can’t spend another minute in your home office or you’re doing a quick, outdoor meeting, these coffee shops won’t disappoint! If you pay any of these cafes a visit, let us know how it went. Check out our blog detailing our top 5 coworking spaces in London as well!

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