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What are the Benefits of Foam Rollers?

What are the Benefits of Foam Rollers?

Whether it’s long, stressful hours on a work desk or an intense workout from the day before, the idea of a soothing massage becomes really inviting. But frequenting a massage place isn’t always schedule-friendly, nor is it economical for some. Enter foam rolling, a form of self-massage that does wonders for muscle aches. 

It eases muscle pain and reduces muscle tightness.

It’s difficult to massage out tense, tender spots in our muscles, not to mention tiring! Foam rollers are effective in getting to those hard to reach, painful spots and alleviating soreness, tightness, and inflammation. Foam rollers are a great addition to your pre & post workout routine!

It prevents injuries.

When our muscles are tight, we’re unable to use them fully and our joints take the hit, making us more prone to injuries. Using foam rollers helps us maximize our range of motion and relieves stress from our muscles!

It speeds up recovery periods.

Nothing good comes out of pushing your muscles too far when they’re just too sore, but waiting until they recover to get back to your workout program or simply to work on your desk can be a nuisance. Foam rolling improves circulation in our bodies and loosens tension in our muscles, keeping us from suffering from workout-related muscle aches.

It helps with flexibility.

Foam rolling is one of the most effective stretching exercises, helping  our muscles perform minus fatigue. This makes it so much easier to do workouts that require flexibility, which is almost all of them!

It helps you relax.

Foam rollers are the perfect definition of exercises that hurt so good. Targeting knots in sore areas of our body isn’t exactly comfortable but the aftermath is incredibly relaxing, it’s the same feeling you get after a deep tissue massage!



Harmoni Active Range

Foam rolling is definitely an effective way to de-stress our minds and bodies, plus it’s super easy to do, too! Get your workouts and workdays rolling with anti-sweat, antimicrobial, extremely comfortable rollers from the Harmoni Active Range.


Fascia Large Roll

The Fascia Large Roll is perfect for foam rolling novices. It’s soft, light, and can be used to target your upper back, lower back, hamstrings, shoulders, and calves. Just position the body part you're targeting over the roll and slowly move it upwards then downwards while pressing your hands on the floor!

Fascia Roll Mini

The Fascia Roll Mini is a travel-friendly, stress and tension relieving foam roller. Being smaller in size, it puts a little more pressure on tight areas of your body compared to the large roll.

Fascia Duoball

The Fascia Duoball is a great addition to your cooldown routine. It rolls out any achy or painful spots on your body. To use the Fascia Duoball, just place it right under the tight area of your muscle and slowly roll for about 25-30 seconds at a time.

Fascia Ball

The Fascia ball is fit for intensely sore spots in your muscles, as it adds a lot of pressure to trigger points and loosens tension, entrapped nerves, and tissues. In a lying or sitting position, move the Fascia ball around sore muscle groups to ease pain. Just don’t place it directly on your spine!

To Conclude

Possibilities are endless with rollers and balls. They make you look good, feel good, and equip you better for all your daily activities! Start rolling today!




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